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Hotel Müller Kyllburg Eifel · Mühlengasse 3 · D-54655 Kyllburg · Tel +49(0)6563/96960 · eMail: · GPS: N 50° 02´ 29" - E 06° 35´ 28"

It’s unbelievable:
going on vacation and travelling in Germany has become quite reasonable compared to other European countries. Good prices for drinks and meals make Germany very attractive for a great vacation.
Beers in our Pub: Bitburger Pils & Warsteiner in 0,33l bottle is 2,00 euros, famous Eifeler Landbier in 0,33l aswell is 2,50 euros. Enjoy!

Eifel Golf

Golfcourses in the Eifel Mountains (Germany)

Lowland is no challenge!

Golfplayer in the Eifel-Mountains are warm welcome in our house! The Hotel Müller Kyllburg Eifel is a good value house and is located close to several interesting golf-courses in Eifel. Please use our good bed- and breakfast-offer and have your 19th-hole in our nice fireplace-room. If you ll like to visit us with a group, please have a look to our special-offer rent a hotel.

On Saturday 19.05.2018 the big Kyllburger outdoor swimming pool opens.


Triple, the idea!

Perform your own tournament over three courses in our Eifel! Starting from our house, you ll reach the courses in Hillesheim, Bitburg and of course in Kyllburg-Burbach easily, sorry a lot of theese Eifel-Golf-Links are in german only. This is a fine combination between three different characters of golf-courses. Our recommendation, have your finish of Eifelchallenge at the Eifel-Golf-Club Hillesheim. We ll give our best to be your golfhotel in Eifel.

Tee Off Times

In this link-collection we show the golfcourses of Eifel-Mountains, sorry most in german language. At weekends the tee off times after 09.00h or latest 10.00h are for club-members only, and before 09.00h you may have wet dew on the greens. One exception is the Club Lietzenhof in Kyllburg-Burbach, there you ll have good chances to play at weekends - if there is no tournament! Best: play monday till thursday, in this case you ll have open fairways...
For reservations please give handicaps, name the club-membership of all players and a creditcard as deposit to the clubs.

Eifel Golf Clubs

Golf Lietzenhof Kyllburg Burbach

Golf Lietzenhof Kyllburg Burbach 18 hole PAR 70

A new 18-hole-course with undreamt high demands. The first holes on the course are making you a little sleepy, but then it happens, this was the meaning of a japanese pro from Düsseldorf. Small nice clubhouse with restaurant, Pitch-and-Putt-Course, 6-Loch PAR 20, green fee sat/sun EUR 18,00, midweeks EUR 15,00 only. Home of two Golf-Clubs, 18 hole green fee is sat/sun EUR 40,00 and midweeks EUR 30,00 only. Tip: Eifelchallenge.

Golf Resort Bitburger Land

Golf Resort Bitburger Land 18 hole PAR 72

This course is managed by Dorint Sport Hotel Südeifel. It offers a changing nature conformed 18-hole-course, whose international standard gives space for higher tournaments. Large driving range. The clubhouse has a fine restaurant with best cuisine and invites you for a longer stay. The clubmanagement is able to realise all your special wishes of an best golf-event. Tip: Eifelchallenge.

Golf Club Eifel Hillesheim-Berndorf

Golf Club Eifel Hillesheim-Berndorf 18 hole PAR 72

THE course in the Eifel-Mountains. Place of international and national championships. The careful keeped fairways are very harmonic lied in the nature with old trees and waterbiotops. Golfplayers are surprided by the spectacular turns, so the tee off on fairways no.2 which takes the way over a deerpreserve. Do not kill them. Best cuisine in the clubs restaurant. High number of members and tournaments in the club makes it not so very easy to get tee off times, so book in advance. Do not forget our tip: Eifelchallenge.

Golf Club Bad Münstereifel

Golf Club Bad Münstereifel 18 hole PAR 71

This club is located close to the region Ruhrgebiet and Cologne. The new course lies on soft hills inmidden of forest and open landscape. The restaurant has good value rustic and tasty eifel-delicacies, like deer-goulash. The roman and middelage spa Bad Münstereifel invites you for a visite.

Golf Club Bitburg Baustert

Golf Club Bitburg Baustert 9 hole PAR 68

Modern golfodrom added with an 6-hole-pitch-and-put. The Club offers a good value membership .

Eifel Mountain Golf Course Spangdahlem

Eifel Mountain Golf Course Spangdahlem 9 holes PAR 70

US Air Forces only. This course is located on the Spangdahlem Air Base Germany, home of the 52d squadron. This air-base-course is not open to the public. BUT, if You ever like to performe an Eifelchallenge or another tournament with several teams, ask them, invite them and You ll have an international golf-event.

Burg Zievel Mechernich

Golf Burg Zievel Mechernich 18 hole PAR 72

A fine mostly flat new golfcourse very close to highway A1 Cologne-Blankenheim directly located at the castle Burg Zievel which you view from holes 9 and 18. A good gateway to Golfing in the Eifel. Low green fee of EUR 20,00 midweeks before 09.00h only.

Golf- und Landclub Bad Neuenahr

Golf- und Landclub Bad Neuenahr 18 hole PAR 72

A fine golfcourse with an traditional Club. Der place offers a friendly high and down including a small christian holyhouse where you can pray for an better swing...
The valley of river Ahr, where one of Germanies best redvines are growing, is not so far, so you ll have of good vinecard in the clubs restaurant.

Golf Club Trier-Mosel

Golf Club Trier-Mosel 18 hole PAR 72

Not so close to Trier, it is located 20 km down the river Mosel in the sunniest part of Eifel near Thörnich. The course lies inmidden of vineyards and has a good view in the valley of river Mosel. Have a look to the score- and birdiecards on this excellent clubs homepage, you ll see, this course is not modest.

Golf-Club Schloß Miel im Swisttal bei Bonn

Golf-Club Schloß Miel 18 hole PAR 71

Located in the historic area of Castle Miel, which was build up in the 18th century, the fairways are rounding with small up and downs of lower hills an old forest. Castle Miel is 12 km west from city of Bonn just in the beginning of Voreifel. Very tricky the architekt placed biotopes and water close or in the fairways. The club has a David-Leadbetter-Academy.

Golfclub Erftaue in der Bedburger Schweiz

Golfclub Erftaue 18 hole PAR 72/73

A very new since 1995 living club in the last hills of Voreifel close to Bedburg located. As shown on the page are the fairways good for beginners.

Golf-Club Ediger/Eller-Cochem

Golf-Club Ediger/Eller-Cochem Started in march 2003 with a new 9-hole-course building the club is grown up now with 27 holes:
driving-Range, chipping u. pitching green, putting green, 9-Hole-Executive-Golfcourse and the 18-Hole-Championship-Golfcourse


Here are the guys without or with anxiety and horrors?
A great team of golfplayers with a lot of fun with and for the golf, do not underetsimate the teams force. Invite them for a competition.

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If you have any news, informations or questions to golfing in the Eifel, please mail to:
Dietmar Wolf, Düsseldorf. We ll try our best to realise your golf-holidays in the Eifel-Mountains.