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Fishing terms

The tourist communities of Malberg, St. Thomas, Zendscheid and Kyllburg offer great fishing opportunities.

The following standard terms and conditions apply to all fishing areas since the start of the fishing season in 2004:

1. The annual fishing season starts on April 8th and ends on October 14th.

2. A one-day fishing permit may only be issued to guests residing in a recognized accommodation for the minimum of 2 nights.

Example: A guest books a stay in a recognized accommodation from Friday until Sunday. In this case, he/she can fish on Friday and on Sunday! Only for the day of departure a fishing permit cannot be issued.

3. The daily fishing permits are issued by the accommodation facilities of the above mentioned communities. The fee for the day-pass is 10,00 Euro.

4. The daily permit for catching game fish (trout and grayling) is 2 fish. Immediately after catching the second fish, fishing must be ended.

5. It is not allowed to return a fish into the Kyll river when the minimum size has been reached and the fish is not in the close season for species.

6. Catching and taking away of whitefish is without any restriction.

7. Fishing is only permitted with the artificial fly (dry and wet-fly as well as nymph) and with round bent hooks; the streamer is prohibited effective now!

8. Targeted fishing for undersized fish or fish still in close season is generally forbidden!

To obtain a fishing permit, it is required to have a valid “Bundesfischereischein” (German federal fishing permit).

Belgian and Dutch guests may obtain a “Bundesfischereischein” in the municipal building “Rathaus der Kyllburger Waldeifel” in Kyllburg without presenting proof of a fishing test. A passport photo is required! The costs for the issue of the “Bundesfischereischein” are as follows:

1-year validity: 9,00 Euro
5-year validity: 35,00 Euro
Youth fishing permit (valid for 1 year): 5,60 Euro

Fishing areas and costs for fishing permits:
Kyllburg 5,8 km on one side of the river bank 10,00 Euro
Malberg 4,0 km on one side of the river bank 10,00 Euro
St. Thomas 2,0 km on one side of the river bank 10,00 Euro
Usch/Zendscheid 2,7 km on one side of the river bank 10,00 Euro

Types of fish: trout, grayling, white fish
Minimum size: trout: 28 cm, grayling 32 cm, barb 35 cm

(source: city of Kyllburg)

Sport fishermen are welcome!

Our hotel guests may obtain the above mentioned permits in our hotel for the prices listed.
During wet weather conditions guests are welcome to use our dryer free of charge.

Hotel Müller in Kyllburg wishes all fishermen (and women) “Petri Heil” (good luck) and all our nature friends a wonderful stay in the Kylltal. Stop by and see us!

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